Sleeping while standing prevents sleeping too deeply

A quick rest to quickly return to work

sleep standing?

Napping while standing or lying down are both effective.

If you sleep lying down...

If you sleep lying down…

If you sleep lying down, you will reach the “Stage 3” sleep level and fall into deep non-REM sleep. Waking from a sound sleep, your brain will feel foggy and you’ll be too sleepy to focus on your work.

If you sleep standing up...

If you sleep standing up…

After falling asleep in the nap box, you’ll reach sleep level “Stage 2” and remain asleep in this stage for an extended period of time. You can expect to wake up with your brain feeling refreshed, better information processing, and recovery of cognitive abilities.

Reach the “Stage 2” sleep level even in a standing posture,
creating a comfortable napping environment anywhere.

Sleep Assessment Trial in a Hight Air-Quality Nap-Box based on Clean Unit System Platform(CUSP)

Through joint research with Hokkaido University and Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University,
when sleeping while standing,
it reaches sleep stage 2 (a sleep state that allows you to breathe lightly).
It has been demonstrated to remain in sleep stage 2 for over 30 minutes.

You can feel the effect of a nap and not sleep too much,
so you can quickly return to work without feeling dizzy.