Ensures high fireproof performance and quietness

Spacia, which is a completely private room, maintains a quiet environment without worrying about the surrounding environment.
The interior uses non-combustible melamine veneers and tempered glass for the small windows to maintain high fire resistance. Equipped with a fire detector and an automatic fire extinguishing system for emergencies.


Open air available

The Forest is equipped with a fire detector and can be retrofitted with sprinklers.
Depending on the installation environment, you can remove the ceiling and use it in the open air.


Simple design with white as the base color

Developed with the image of the near future in mind, Spacia has a simple design that fits in any office.
Because of its white base, it blends in well with any environment and secures a rest space in the corner of the office.

Japanese-style design

The Forest incorporates a lattice design evoking a sophisticated style reminiscent of a Japanese garden.
A wood-filled space in a stylish office creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Air Conditioner

Equipped with Forest only

CUSP-GEM system provides a high level of air purification

The Forest is uniquely equipped with gas exchange membranes and a non-woven clean unit system.
A new closed airflow system reduces indoor particulates and CO2 for a cleaner air environment.