Create an office napping environment without a dedicated nap room.


Save with giraffenap

Space saving

Companies that actively introduce in office napping often have dedicated nap rooms. However, securing a dedicated nap space is no easy task.
giraffenap is about the same size as a small public telephone booth and can be simply installed in a corner of an office.

Cost saving

Preparing dedicated napping rooms or installing office partitions is a costly and burdensome endeavor.
With giraffenap, an office napping environment can be realized with minimal installation and no need for additional facilities.

A perfect balance of peaceful quiet and comforting white noise

In a completely silent environment, even the smallest sounds may disturb you and make it difficult to sleep.
Inside the box, external sounds are reduced to a level where voices and noises can be moderately heard, allowing you to relax and calm your mind in a peaceful space.