The future of work for a new generation
Improving time performance

In Japan, long working hours are the norm, partly due to a high economic growth period.
In recent years, reforms in work styles have been put forth, and work-life balance has become more important.
The evolution of digital tools and information technology supports the reduction of long working hours and the advocacy of diverse and flexible work styles.

At giraffenap, we have set our sights on improving time performance,
to reform the way we work so that we can make the most of our time without compromising results all within reasonable working hours.

We realize that better employee health management is essential to improving time performance,
and that rest is important to maintaining the best physical and mental health.
We are working towards realizing a society in which employees can maximize their performance through a work style that actively incorporates rest.

Background of the focus on time performance

Evolution of digital technology
Evolution of digital technology
Work-life balance
Work-life balance
Diversity of work styles
Diversity of work styles

The value of giraffenap

Through our efforts to promote the use of nap boxes, we aim to provide services that promote health, improve results, and enhance the corporate image of companies.

Provide a napping environment that encourages better health management
Realize a society that eliminates sleepiness and improves performance
Improve corporate image with unique benefits

Fatigue after work can be reduced
by taking a nap

In today’s world where time is increasingly valuable,
a mere 20 min nap can revolutionize the way you work.