About Products

QCan standing naps help you get a good rest?

Research results with Hokkaido University and Taiwan National Cheng Kung University have confirmed that it reaches sleep stage 2 (a state of sleep that allows you to breathe lightly) and continues for more than 30 minutes. It is expected that you can take a nap while standing to relieve fatigue and stress.

QAre there any user restrictions, such as height, weight, and waist circumference?

The usage restrictions for giraffenap are as follows.

giraffenap may not be suitable for:
・People over 200 cm tall
・People weighing more than 100kg
・Those with other health concerns

QWhat kind of functions does it have?

It has the following features:
Residential downward discharge type automatic fire extinguisher, smoke detector, ventilation fan, ceiling LED lighting, floor LED lighting, lifting device in 2 places, air cleaning function

About Installation

QIt will be a private room, but is there any problem with the Fire Service Act?

Spacia has a structure with enhanced fire resistance in accordance with the Fire Service Act.
Forest can also install sprinklers after consulting with a specialized contractor. It can also be used as an open air by removing the ceiling.
It is necessary to check with the fire department in your jurisdiction before installing it.

QHow much space is required for installation?

For Spacia: Width 1,200mm x Depth 1,200mm x Height 2,577mm
For Forest: Width 1,200mm x Depth 1,200mm x Height 2,532mm

QCan the product be moved on casters?

Since giraffenap has casters, it is possible to change the layout.

About Operation

QHow do I adjust the height?

With giraffenap, you can adjust the height of two places: the arm pad that supports the arm and the buttocks pad that supports the buttocks.
A lift panel inside the box allows you to raise or lower the height for optimal positioning.

QAre hygiene measures taken in the room?

All giraffenap products are equipped with an air cleaning function to create a clean indoor environment.
In addition, the arm pads and other seats use a patented water and oil repellent fabric developed by a major automobile manufacturer, so even if alcohol disinfection is used repeatedly, the feeling of cleanliness will not deteriorate.

QIs there a recommended usage time?

The recommended nap time is 20 minutes.
Anything longer than 30 minutes can affect your sleep at night.

Failure & Repair

QIs there maintenance after sales?

We offer maintenance services.
Please contact KOYOJU Plywood if you have a problem or need repairs.